Built on 2 generations of strong family leadership, Pianosi is a fully integrated, award-winning property development company.

Pianosi has consistently been maintaining an excellent tenant service record year after year, and has never faltered in delivering exceptional service rooted in their deep connection to each and every property and project.


Since 1948, the Pianosi name has been synonymous with quality building and development in Ontario. From its modest beginnings in Sudbury, the company has grown and expanded its sphere of operations significantly in the past 7 decades. Pianosi has an impressive portfolio – from custom homes in the exclusive Lawrence Park area to residential apartment buildings and industrial buildings in Toronto and Mississauga.

Commitment to quality has always been the guiding principle for this 2nd generation family business. Today, that Pianosi passion continues to set the standard in the industry, making an indelible mark on the Toronto landscape.

Our Mission

To deliver an unrivalled commitment to quality real estate property development and management, backed by 2 generations of strong family leadership.

Our Vision

To continue to grow with the industry, inspire with innovation and commit to creating quality developments.

Our Values


With our vast experience and history of success, we’ve been involved with the luxury real estate business since 1948.


Throughout our portfolio’s growth, we’ve stayed true to the same family ideals we built the company on 7 decades ago.


We have never faltered in our commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality with best-in-class products and services for our wide range of tenants.